You’d think that liberals, who have said for years that the government has no place in people’s bedrooms and that people are free to express their sexuality however they choose, would stop trying to “out” Sen. Lindsey Graham, who contends that he’s not even in the closet.

But they just can’t help themselves; here’s just a quick pick from our archives.

We had one from Ron Perlman as well, but it was in such bad taste, even he had enough shame to delete it. Actor Chris Evans refers to him as “Smithers.” And here’s alleged funny woman Chelsea Handler:

Graham responded to Handler with class, telling TMZ, “She knows zero about me. To the extent that it matters, I’m not gay. And these comments, I don’t think they reflect well on her, and I don’t think it makes us better as a country.”

Rep. Ilhan Omar even suggested earlier this year that “lots of Americans” agree with her that Graham is “compromised” because he could be blackmailed over his homosexuality:

All of that is just background to yet another tweet about Graham and his sexuality. We don’t know why Broadway star Patti LuPone is after Graham today, but she is:

So if Graham insists he’s not gay, and you insist that he is as a way of insulting him, that’s … woke?

* * *


Keeping it classy, LuPone also gave a shout out to Rand Paul’s neighbor … the one who broke his ribs.