As we’ve said recently, we’re really liking this new Sen. Lindsey Graham — the one with the spine? It’s really a good look.

What wasn’t a good look was LGBT champion and comedian Chelsea Handler making Graham the butt of one of her “jokes” this week on National Coming Out Day:

Handler took an online beating for that one, both from conservatives and liberals, who have been preaching for decades that one’s sexuality is one’s own business and that calling someone “gay” is not an insult.

TMZ of all sources managed to catch up with Graham in the airport and ask him about Handler’s tweet, and his response was so classy we doubt Handler would even comprehend it.

Plus, we love Graham walking right up to the reporter and asking, “How are you doing, TMZ guy?”

And for the record, Graham isn’t gay — not that there’s anything wrong with that. And suppose he is a closeted gay man — that’s his choice too, isn’t it, Chelsea?

So the stories we heard on MSNBC about Vice President Mike Pence putting gays in concentration camps … weren’t true?

Sorry Chelsea, like every other one of your jokes, that one didn’t land. You look worse, even to your supporters, and Graham is even more popular with the GOP for handling your garbage take with class.


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