Considering how low-key S.E. Cupp has been about defending any Republicans lately, that she took to Twitter to call Rep. Ilhan Omar out for claiming Lindsey Graham has been ‘compromised’ and is being blackmailed by Trump says a good deal.

As Twitchy readers know, Omar went on CNN this morning and doubled-down on her claim:

What the what?!

Lots of Americans agree with her?

Yeah … no.

Becoming a very bad look. We would say it’s been a very bad look for a very long time but that’s just our humble opinion.

Cupp continued:


And of course the Left was front and center to defend Omar and claim she didn’t actually say that Graham is gay (as if that’s the real issue and not that an elected member of Congress is accusing the president of BLACKMAILING a senator):

These people will do anything and everything to defend their tribe.

It’s as if these folks don’t know the whole story.

Or they’re ignoring it.

Maybe a little bit of both?

Have we mentioned it’s going to be a long two years?

Eat your Wheaties, folks.


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