Not that it’s anything new, but we’ve been getting mixed signals from the Left. For a while there the word was the Donald Trump didn’t really want to be president, and he didn’t even think he’d win. And once he did win, he decided he didn’t like the gig and wasn’t really into it. Oh, and also, if he loses the 2020 election, the National Guard will have to physically remove him from the Oval Office.

We’ve heard this come up again and again, and it came up Tuesday courtesy of New York Times contributing op-ed writer Wajahat Ali — yeah, the guy who claimed he wasn’t “owned” by Rep. Dan Crenshaw after falsely claiming that hadn’t sponsored the 9/11 Victims Compensation Fund — something easily looked up in seconds on Google.

We almost hate to do it — Ali was owned so damn hard already today — but it’s hard to ignore his claim that he’ll “gladly eat crow” if Trump leaves office if he loses the 2020 race.

We had to do a post for posterity for when Trump voluntarily walks out of the White House in January 2025. The overwhelming majority of people following Ali agree with him and have even shared how they’ve told their therapists about this nightmare coming true.

That was our girl Sally Kohn, sometime before the post-election riots started in Portland and Hillary supporters started Facebook meet-ups to scream at the sky.

If Ali wants to be proved wrong, he should have a word with his boy Joe Biden about stepping up his campaign a notch or several.