As Twitchy reported, in late October more than 4,000 people had checked in as “interested” in a Facebook event called, “Scream Helplessly at the Sky on the Anniversary of the Election.” Attendees were to gather in Boston Common Nov. 8 and, well, scream.

We’ve been looking for footage of that scream-in or many of the imitators that followed. There were supposed to be scream-ins at Trump Tower in Chicago and New York City and cities across the country.

We did find this rather intimate gathering in Philadelphia.

Nice … Young Republicans showed up to hand out earplugs.

We’ll keep looking for video, but this seems to be about as big an event as Refuse Fascism’s “It Begins” event Nov. 4. Actually, it’s looking like Refuse Fascism has decided to piggyback on the events.

Here’s some video of what was supposed to be a scream-in at New York’s Washington Square Park but instead turned out to be just another Refuse Fascism rally.

So where is everybody?

OK, one more time just for fun, ’cause this will never not be solid gold:

* * *


A reporter for InfoWars found a very small but very, um, interesting gathering in Austin, Texas.

And here’s an edit of just the screaming from that protest in Washington Square:

And here’s some more screaming:

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