As Twitchy noted Friday, some reporters are having trouble using the “r-word” to describe what’s been happening in cities like Portland following the election of Donald Trump.

The thing is, once the police decide they’ve had enough of thugs throwing burning projectiles at them and declare a riot, it’s OK to call it a riot in news reports as well. To begin with a visual aid, here’s a ready example of a “rioter” engaging in “vandalism.”

It turns out there were quite a few more vandals doing their thing, and ABC News caught some of it on camera.

Yep. As hard as the media tried the last week of October to plant the idea that Trump supporters would resort to violence once he met his certain humiliation at the polls, it’s going to be tough for the pundits to spin away this mess, especially after the media began to “normalize” riots and, in at least once case, entirely misrepresent a desire to burn down the Milwaukee suburbs as a call for peace.

Mind. Blown.