Soon women will be able to purchase hijabs on the Macy’s website … and we can’t really say we care all that much. The Women’s March, however, is pretty upset that Macy’s is “under fire” for selling hijabs online.

We’ve seen some online who’ve called for a boycott of Macy’s over the decision, but here’s the thing: we’re old enough to remember when anti-Trump group #GrabYourWallet told everyone to boycott Macy’s because it carried Trump-branded merchandise.

That Trump boycott is still going on (484 days later!), so maybe Muslim women should boycott Macy’s new line?

We do find it funny that the Women’s March, in particular, is applauding Macy’s. Was organizer Linda Sarsour hoping women at her march were going to trade in their pussy hats for hijabs?

And in the meantime, protesters are walking around dressed as handmaids from “The Handmaid’s Tale” to show how much they’re oppressed under the Trump/Pence administration. Remember this?

So in America, women wear the hijab because it’s empowering, and in Iran, women fight for their freedom by taking off their hijabs. And in the U.S. and Canada, they make up stories about men trying to cut off their hijabs. And France can’t figure out whether to ban burqinis at the beach. It’s complicated, and so are the reactions to the news.


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