Do you remember hearing that awful story about the hijab-wearing Muslim girl attacked by Trump supporters on a New York City subway while onlookers stood by and did nothing?

18-year-old [Yasmin Seweid] told the New York Daily News that she had just left an event on campus Thursday night when three men approached her on an uptown 6 subway near the 23rd Street stop.

They yelled President-elect Donald Trump’s name over and over, and said to her, “Look, it’s a fucking terrorist,” Seweid said in a Facebook post on Friday.

She said they also yelled, “Get the hell out of the country!” and, “You don’t belong here!”

Well, you might want to sit down for this:

A hoax? The devil, you say!

Well, shoot. That’s embarrassing!

You’d think after all the post-election hoaxes we’ve seen, the media would tread at least a little more carefully. But nope.


Fake News is a very real problem. And the media keep finding ways to make it even worse.


Hmmm. Good luck with that …

In other words, the media’s work here is done.


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