Women in the Middle East, and Iran specifically, are standing up and saying they no longer want to wear hijabs. This is considered a major milestone because, according to Islamic culture, hijabs are part of the decent and modesty code women must live by. Muslim women are required to cover their heads with a khimar (head covering) and their body with a jilbab (loose over-garment).

From an Islamic website about why the hijab exists:

This is more appropriate so that they may be known [as Muslim women] and thus not be harassed [or molested].

Men, whether they confess it or not, are slaves of lust and desire.

Hijab protects women from such men; it symbolizes that she has been sanctified to one man only and is off-limit to all others.

Hijab contributes to the stability and preservation of marriage and family by eliminating the chances of extramarital affairs.

• Finally, it compels men to focus on the real personality of the woman and de-emphasizes her physical beauty. It puts the woman in control of strangers’ reaction to her.

Those of us in America take our freedoms for granted. As long as we peacefully protest, we don’t have to worry about being imprisoned.

Translation: People are PISSED about these protests.

And people across the world are supporting these women.

They’ve known the same thing for so long that they’re scared to make the necessary changes.

The video Ershad is referring to:

They’re being imprisoned…for being reporters.

There are Americans who are even saying the mandatory hijabs are unnecessary.

The lack of choice is the problem.

There’s nothing wrong with wearing modest clothing. The problem is these women have no choice. They’re FORCED to wear hijabs or face punishment.