The world-famous Cannes Film Festival and the awards it bestows have long been evidence that the moral compass of that city points to some other planet that doesn’t resemble Earth.

While the whole of Europe is doing everything it can to accommodate refugees and very, very gently attempt to teach them European standards of conduct, leave it to the mayor of Cannes, David Lisnard, to order that swimwear in the beach resort city reflect secularism. In short, the order means no more “burqinis,” or other beachwear “which ostentatiously displays religious affiliation,” is allowed on the beach.

We imagine the backlash is going to be massive, but the mayor defends his decision by saying that French customs are to be respected. Presumably the ban covers ostentatious displays of any religious affiliation.

The move closely follows a ban on large beach bags — the mayor isn’t fooling around after recent terror attacks in Paris and Nice.

The mayor’s move comes just as television viewers — or, more precisely, viewers in countries that do allow the broadcast of women competing in Western sportswear — are getting used to seeing female athletes compete at the 2016 Olympics in Rio wearing the hijab.


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