The move to boycott Macy’s over its association with Donald Trump got a publicity boost last week when Cher tweeted her intention to join the movement to drive “loudmouth racist cretin” Trump and his clothing line out of the stores. A new series of television spots and tomorrow’s annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade have helped fuel the effort to boycott the department store chain and spawned a #DumpTrump hashtag.

Here’s a shocker: MoveOn, one of President Obama’s first White House guests following the election, has gotten involved!

Organizers of the Macy’s protests cite the fact that Trump’s line of suits is manufactured in China as one reason he must go. Many, though, can’t forgive Trump for his “racist” efforts to pressure President Obama into producing a long-form birth certificate. (For what it’s worth, Macy’s also has a deal to carry the “Truth or Dare” line by Madonna, who informed concertgoers that we have a “black Muslim” in the White House.)

Time for a Macy’s “buycott”?

Trump wasted no time in engaging Cher, taking a shot at her “dying career” and “massive plastic surgeries that didn’t work,” and he let “Stop [Glenn] Beck” founder and boycott organizer Angelo Carusone know he wasn’t terribly bothered.

In fact, maybe it’s just the holiday spirit, but Trump wanted to let the world know today that he loves everybody.