The Hijab-wearing L’Oreal model Amena Kahn has ‘stepped down’ after several anti-Israel tweets magically appeared …

Forget that it was bizarre of L’Oreal to use a model who doesn’t show her hair to promote hair color in the first place:


Khan said she has chosen to step down from the L’Oréal campaign “because the current conversations surrounding it detract from the positive and inclusive sentiment that it set out to deliver.”

In response to a request for comment, L’Oreal told The Jerusalem Post that it had “recently been made aware” of Khan’s tweets. “We appreciate that Amena has since apologized for the content of these tweets and the offense they have caused,” said a representative for the company. “L’Oréal Paris is committed to tolerance and respect towards all people. We agree with her decision to step down from the campaign.”


She deeply regrets being caught.


Notice she didn’t apologize for her claims about Israel.

She’s just sorry they cost her this gig.

That’s RIGHT!


Khan did actually remove the tweets in question BUT if you want to see the original content you can see the copy in the original Twitchy story.

Guess she wasn’t ‘worth it.’

And don’t give them any bright ideas.


‘Stellar hire’! Turns out L’Oréal’s new spokeswoman Amena Khan is HIGHLY problematic (really)

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