As Twitchy reported, no less than Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau himself took to Twitter after hearing that an 11-year-old girl had been attacked on her way to school by a man trying to cut off her hijab with scissors.

The only thing is, according to police, the attack never happened — it was yet another hoax.

You’d think that would be the end of it, but HuffPost Canada has a hot take to share: Danielle S. McLaughlin of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association says that “we” should apologize to the girl who lied about the attack.

Why should “we” apologize? Because she’s just a kid.

As a human rights educator, a mother and grandmother, I have had quite a few 11-year-old girls in my life. They can be bossy, rude, mean, angry, independent, easily influenced, sweet, kind, vulnerable, confused, frightened and deeply in need of attention, all at the same time.

Rather than call for an apology (what good would that do?) from the girl and her family, I believe we owe her an apology for not remembering that, even though she is well-spoken, she is still a child. She even told us, although it was while describing her fear at the fictitious attack: “I am a kid.” Exactly.

No, seriously, that’s her argument.

This is as bad as the time Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand said that rape hoaxes at least helped shine “more of a spotlight on the problem.”


This reported anti-Muslim attack in Canada SHOCKED Justin Trudeau. Just one problem…