Last week in Toronto, Canada, an 11-year-old girl reported that “a man tried to cut off her hijab as she walked to school.”

The story quickly caught fire in the media, and the allegation had even Prime Minister Justin Trudeau commenting:

Just one problem: Toronto police now say it didn’t happen:

From the National Post:

“These allegations were extremely serious and not surprisingly, they received national and international attention,” police spokesman Mark Pugash said in an interview. “We investigated, we put together a significant amount of evidence and we came to the conclusion that what was described did not happen.”

Pugash said police don’t know how the story escalated and he’s not sure it’s their job to speculate why.

He stressed that it’s “very unusual” for someone to make false allegations of this type and said he hopes it will not discourage others from coming forward.

That’s far from the first time a reported hate crime turned out to be bogus.