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#RIPUncleBosey: Biden's 'Uncle Bosey' Being Eaten by Cannibals Lie Inspires Hilarious Hashtag


Twitter changed its name to X and some things seem to get better but there is nothing in this world that will ever beat old-school Twitter Hashtag games and we found one that was that kind of old-school funny. We legitimately laughed out loud, full belly laughs and a snort. We hope you do as well.


To read about the story that inspired the tag you can click here.

Let's Go! #RIPUncleBosey

We think this hashtag started with a simple comment to someone talking about the insane story.

It went on from there and it is GLORIOUS!

She's not wrong. Being a known plagiarist and liar, he tends to 'embellish' things, and the legacy media likes to ignore that.

Like any good Leftist, Uncle Bosey was a giver!

Bwahahaha! He seemed to be so happy before the big meal.

STOP IT! Stop it right now. We should not be laughing this much. In our defense, Uncle Bosey did not get eaten by cannibals. He did die, which is sad, but he was not eaten by cannibals.


Ok, but we do not see Bosey BBQ Beef Jerkey on that list, and beef jerky is a camping staple.:)

Oh good grief, even if you were a Biden supporter you have to admit that hashtag is hilarious!

Are there any Walking Dead fans out there?  We are sorry for including our own tweet, but it made us laugh and had some good replies.

Our bet is yes. haha

Oooh always nice to add music to a good meal.



We love that another Joe Biden lie was incorporated. PERFECTION!

In keeping with Joe Biden's example of leadership and how to be a good person, we lied in that cover image. WE ARE LAUGHING and we hope you are too!

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