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Hamas Lied, the Media Cried, and the Silence Cannot Be Denied


Twitchy's parent site TOWNHALL posted an excellent story about a MAJOR Hamas announcement please take a minute to run over and read it and come back here so we can talk about some of the comments on the X posts promoting the story.


YUP. You read that correctly. Hamas admitted that the numbers the mainstream media has been shoving down your throat about the Gaza death toll are inflated.

It seems that most people were not surprised about the numbers being wrong or about the media running away from the story.

Everyone knew the numbers were inflated, even the mainstream media outlets that reported the false numbers in the first place knew it. It is a pretty sad state of affairs when most of our media outlets have the same level of trustworthiness as a terror organization ...

One of our favorite writers from our other sister site RedState had several posts on the matter as well.

Pretty much.


WE ARE SHOCKED! Shocked that a bunch of terrorists who started attacks and lied about it for years would lie and inflate numbers to make Israel look bad so they can cry and call them meanie-heads. Even more shocking is that Left-leaning media that pretends they are not biased just reports the terrorist propaganda every single day without ceasing and then drops into the shadows when the numbers are wrong. SHOCKED we tell you, SHOCKED! (*sarcasm font*)

Here is the post that Bonchie is quote posting:

We do know that number is not correct, BUT that is not the question that should be asked. The question that should be asked is the same question that should have been asked on October 7th. That question is: 'Who started the attacks by breaking the cease-fire agreement and killing, kidnapping, and raping innocent people and what is the proper retaliation to those events when the terrorists refuse to return hostages?'

People can say what they want about Israel, but they have every single right to defend themselves and take action to ensure it never happens again.


We agree. We can not expect terrorists to behave like a ladies' Bible study group, but we should be able to expect more out of media outlets, we should be able to, but we can't because they prove time and time again to be nothing but an arm of the far Left.

We will not hold our breath but we will keep an eye out for any of the media outlets that were putting out daily numbers of the death tolls to admit they were wrong.

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