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Update on Maui Residents Trying to Rebuild Is Heartbreaking (But Biden Promised to Rebuild Gaza)

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

It's been almost a year since horrible wildfires ravaged Maui, killing at least 100 people and absolutely devastating the community. The Biden administration's response has been lackluster from the start, and that's being kind. Maui residents have gotten $700 in aid from the government, while it spends millions and billions on things like trolled journalists ($5.7 million), illegal immigrants ($451 billion per year), and the failed humanitarian aid pier in Gaza ($320 million). 


Biden has also vowed to rebuild Gaza following the Hamas-led war with Israel.

Meanwhile, in Maui:

The entire post reads:

“To get a building permit, you have to go to the county. They now have a review board. You have to fill out this this paperwork. It's just endless, and it takes forever. It's a building permit process review board. Just everything's just being slowed down and dragging on, and you wonder why. 

And, um, so the army of engineers have said they cleaned out 1200 lots, residential lots of debris, ashes, toxic. 

I don't know what I still don't know. I'm not an expert. What's toxic? 

They’re now slowly doing commercial lots. Like, 40 commercial lots have been cleared. They said they cleaned out 2,000 burned vehicles. I think it's all moving slow, but, you know, people say, well, here, we're on an island. But, anyway, you have to wonder why. 

I'm just reporting. You guys decide. So the 5 victims have to leave their hotels July 1st. There's these little container homes in Kahului they're supposed to go into. Um, only one building permit has been issued so far. 

Crazy. So these are the little tiny container homes in Kahului for fire victims, but, you know, so many people have left the island. They've given up. It's sad.“

Just sad.

Part of the reason the Maui fire was so bad is the official practiced 'faith-based' water management.

This is how our government 'helps' and 'cares' for its citizens.
This would be sad.
Because they don't want to. This is a choice.
At a minimum.


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