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Oh really? Reza Aslan once called on CNN to 'fire this a**hole' over unsavory remarks

Who doesn’t love a good stroll down Memory Lane?

CNN host Reza Aslan — who apparently isn’t a CNN employee even though he works for them — is still dealing with the fallout from calling Trump a “piece of sh*t” over the weekend. But since he doesn’t work for CNN, even though he kind of does, he probably doesn’t have to worry too much about losing his hosting gig.


But not so long ago, he was calling on his non-employer employer to fire someone else over questionable remarks:

That’s precious. Aside from using profanity — which he recently insisted is “not like” him — he also wanted Corey Lewandowski fired for comments he made about Hillary Clinton.

Pretty rich coming from a guy who said this:


And this:


And you know there’s plenty more where that came from.




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