Outspoken liberal Princeton history Prof. Kevin Kruse has been making a huge ass of himself on Twitter for years now. Here are just a few relatively recent moments, in case you’re interested in revisiting some of his finest work:

But, as it turns out, his making an ass of himself actually dates back several decades:

We’d post an excerpt of economic and political historian Phil Magness’ piece here, but frankly, Kruse has evidently been up to so much plagiarism, we couldn’t possibly decide on which passages to pull. We will post this paragraph featuring Kruse’s emailed response to Magness’ request for an explanation of the troubling pattern in Kruse’s work:

I asked Kruse for an explanation of the aforementioned examples from his dissertation. Responding by email, he indicated his “intellectual debts to Prof. Bayor and Prof. Sugrue in the text, endnotes and bibliography” but acknowledged that I had “found instances here in which I inartfully or incompletely paraphrased them. Again, thank you for bringing this to my attention and for giving me the opportunity to respond.”


You know, you should probably just read the entire article. It’s eye-opening, to say the least. Very juicy.

Oh man.

It totally is, though:

And … scene.



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