There’s been a lot going on lately, but it’s important not to lose sight of the fact that Nikole Hannah-Jones’ “1619 Project” is still a dumpster fire and absolute embarrassment to journalism.

And Nikole Hannah-Jones still refuses to acknowledge any of that:

You’ve gotta hand it to her: she’s fully committed to the bit. Though, if we’re being honest, she should probably just be committed.

Because she’s delusional. Clearly.

Economic and political historian Phil Magness, who actually wrote a meticulous and thorough critique of Hannah-Jones “1619 Project,” called out Hannah-Jones for her continued insistences that it’s her critics who are lying. Despite Hannah-Jones’ unwillingness to substantively engage with her critics, Magness went called her out in an excellent thread:

The moral of the story is that Nikole Hannah-Jones doesn’t deserve the benefit of anyone’s doubt, because she is neither a good journalist nor a good person. But that apparently makes her a great fit for the New York Times:

It belongs in journalism’s trash heap.