The inflation data are out, and they’re a mess, to say the least. Not a mess in that we don’t understand them, but a mess in the sense that they’re straight-up terrible. Our standards for the Biden administration were already super low when we went into 2021, but somehow these clowns have managed to crash through the floor and are still in free fall.

We were reliably informed that this wasn’t supposed to happen, so someone needs to explain to us how we got here. And who better to explain it than some of the top liberal media outlets?

“As Russia’s war in Ukraine drove up energy prices even higher and policymakers launched a major effort to get soaring inflation under control.” Those policymakers are doing their best to keep inflation under control, but it’s damn near impossible with Russia driving up our energy prices! And even worse than the high prices is that too many dumb Americans are still blaming the Biden administration. Have congressional Dems considered taking a page from Illinois Dems’ playbook and just threatening anyone who doesn’t cooperate with the Dems’ efforts to deflect blame for inflation? Surely Joe Biden would sign something like that into law!

Anyway, moving on:

But wait! There’s more. This one is probably our favorite, because it’s so concisely awful:

Jen Psaki, you already got the MSNBC gig! You don’t need to write NBC News headlines to prove your worth!

We actually had to screenshot that last one, just so you could get a load of the ratio (which is only getting hotter, by the way):

You’ve gotta love it.

Ah, but as long as the media don’t attribute it to Biden’s policies, Biden’s happy. And it’s all about keeping the boss happy.

As for us, well, the media don’t really seem to care what we think. If they did, they’d stop doing stuff like this.

They’re doing their best, that’s for sure. Hopefully at the very least, Joe Biden will send them flowers one of these days. Actually, those might be too expensive soon. Maybe a nice thank-you note on White House stationery instead.



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