Man, if we were Jen Psaki, we’d be checking off every single day on our calendar until we could blow the White House popsicle stand and retreat to the safety of MSNBC. Because we seriously don’t know how she’s able to get herself out of bed in the morning, knowing that she’s gonna have to stand  up there at that podium and tell whoppers so big that even reporters at liberal media outlets are struggling to swallow them without nearly choking to death.

Check out what she had to say at today’s press briefing about inflation numbers:

“Extraordinarily elevated due to Putin’s Price Hike.”

Putin, Putin, Putin!

Look, we hate Vladimir Putin as much has anyone. The man is homicidal authoritarian scum. But we’re not so blinded by our disgust with Putin to blame him for soaring inflation in America. The Biden administration is putting all their eggs in the “Americans are Stupid, Gullible Rubes” basket.

That’s not just a colorful way of putting it, by the way. Jen Psaki is legit insisting that Americans who have noticed that inflation under Joe Biden started long before Putin’s invasion of Ukraine just aren’t understanding that inflation is still pretty much Putin’s fault and has nothing whatsoever to do with the Biden administration’s horrendous economic policies:

Gaslighting Americans who know when they’re being gaslit is certainly a bold strategy, we’ll give Jen Psaki and the Biden administration that much. It takes an impressive amount of shamelessness to do what the White House is doing right now.

A world in which Joe Biden, the President of the United States, refuses to take any responsibility for all the ways he’s screwed us over and will continue to screw us over.

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