As we told you, inflation has hit a 40-year high. Because that’s the sort of thing that happens when you put the adults back in charge.

Still, a lot of Americans are going to see that as a bad omen for some reason, and that means that Joe Biden and Pals are gonna have to try to brainstorm ideas for making things not seem as bad as people are likely to think they are.

lower gas prices that are all Vladimir Putin’s fault

Ooo, yeah! A margarita! That’s straight out of the Jen Psaki Guide to Chilling Out.

Maybe Jen has some suggestions for navigating this particular PR predicament …

That could work! It’s worth a shot, right?

But maybe it would be easier for Jen to focus on one particular type of inflation. Like, say, the inflation of gas prices.

Her initial tactic of insisting that gas prices hadn’t gone up didn’t really seem to convince too many people. But lately, a favorite talking point of both Jen and the Biden administration has been that gas prices have, in fact, gotten higher, but it’s all Vladimir Putin’s fault. Just yesterday, we witnessed the administration’s campaign to get the #PutinPriceHike hashtag trending.

So Jen has apparently decided to run with that:


We assume that the idea is that if you watch the video enough times, you’ll start to believe what she’s telling you. We have always been at war with Eastasia, you see.

Not the kind that will get flagged by Twitter or Facebook, though. So Jen can rest easy.

Surely someone out there will buy it. Before the price goes up again, of course.

Well, if Joe Biden is tasked with it, it might not be super comprehensive.



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