While this administration — with help from some in the media — wants everybody to believe the country is experiencing a “Biden Boom,” the reality of the situation indicates otherwise. As just one example, here’s the latest on inflation:

What will the Biden administration’s excuse be this time? The list has been growing and the latest scapegoat for inflation and spiking gas prices has been Vladimir Putin and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, even though these problems started long before that:

They will most definitely try.

CNBC’s Rick Santelli tore this administration a new one because of their excuses (none of which include agreeing that Biden deserves some of the blame):

Carol Roth knows what this administration’s slogan would be if they were being remotely honest:

It seems like things are getting increasingly “broke” by the day.

The Federalist’s Sean Davis closes this out with a great reminder:

These last couple years we’ve seen a whole lot of “conspiracy theories” that turned out to be true.



Politico’s Sam Stein notes that Sen. Joe Manchin would stomach inflation to help Ukraine but not Biden’s domestic agenda

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