Man, David Frum and the other Never Trump losers really really really need Americans to believe the prices we’re seeing at the pump and for groceries are ALL Putin’s fault, and not the fault of the old, racist, white guy puppet they voted for because ‘orange man bad.’

Otherwise, they’d have to accept responsibility for destroying our energy independence and admit they made a huge mistake supporting Biden. And we know they will never ever do that, so they’re going to gaslight TF out of all of us and keep insisting it’s Russia Russia Russia.

Sounds familiar, right?


Yeah, David is being so tough on Biden.

And c’mon, let’s not pretend Biden can speak plainly about anything.

But … Ukraine? Russia? PUTIN!!!

So weird.


Oh yeah.

They are fully committed to pretending things were just FINE before a few weeks ago.

Biden. Obama.

Same difference.

But hey, at least no more mean tweets, right?



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