Yesterday, President Joe Biden said he “can’t do much right now” about skyrocketing U.S. gas prices, because “Russia is responsible.”

The old man may be senile as hell, but we’re pretty sure that he hasn’t quite reached the point in his senility where he would actually genuinely believe that our pain at the pump is Russia’s fault. And that means we have no choice but to conclude that he’s quite comfortable and confident lying to all our faces.

A suddenly popular new turn of phrase lends significant support to that theory:

“Putin’s price hike.”

“Putin’s price hike.”

“Putin’s price hike.”

“Putin’s price hike.”

To be fair, there is a little variation, at least:

“Putin’s gas price increase.” Gotta keep things interesting!

Oh, it’s gone out, all right. And the Biden administration and Democrats are clearly counting on it to be effective. But for how long, exactly, do they think that they can get away with their campaign to gaslight Americans?

We suppose you could call it smart, if your definition of smart involves seeing how far you can kick the can down the road before you get hit by a bus. Americans can see with their own eyes the effects that the Biden administration’s energy policies are having. Even liberal Americans can’t avert their eyes forever.

Biden and the Democrats are going to run this narrative into the ground, even if it means running themselves into the ground right along with it.

Keep it up, Joe. Keep it up.



Biden explains to Americans how they soon won’t have to worry about gas prices (thanks to him)

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