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Patricia Heaton DECIMATES FL. Mosque Speaker Whining Because He Can't Even Deny the Holocaust (WATCH)

Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

When we first saw this Mosque speaker we thought maybe this was another country because SURELY this level of hate and antisemitism isn't taking place in America, right? RIGHT? Welp, turns out these speakers were ranting and raging about Jews at a Mosque in Fort Lauderdale.


We're not even kidding. If it helps at all, we wish we were.

Watch this:

Awww, poor antisemites. They can't even deny the Holocaust. The nerve!

As we keep saying, when someone or some group shows you who they are believe them. 

From Patricia Heaton's reaction, we're pretty sure she's figured it out exactly who this a-hole really is:

Yup. Crazy.

In America ... FLORIDA even.

What the heck?!

If a rabbi said this about Muslims there would be looting and fires. But since it's a Muslim saying it about the Jews ... sadly, *crickets*

Psh, Biden is on their side. We don't see any deportations happening any time soon.

*cough cough*


Sadly, that's all too true. And in some cases, we can't even look to our own leaders because they agree with that monster.

There is no reasoning with that amount of hate.



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