We’ve said it before, but apparently it bears repeating: You’d be hard-pressed to find someone of any political stripe who denies that conditions at migrant detention facilities along the southern border are awful.

The thing is, it’s been a “ticking time bomb” for years. Many Republicans have been sounding the alarm, only to be dismissed by Democrats and liberals as manufacturing a crisis for political reasons, while Democrat-championed policies have encouraged more illegal immigrants to cross our borders, resulting in more overcrowding, which has in turn resulted in more deplorable conditions in detention centers.

And, despite Republicans’ fully realized concerns, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez continues to blame them for what’s happened. This afternoon, she once again invoked concentration camps to cast Republicans as veritable Nazis on a mission to systematically murder migrants in Holocaust 2.0:

Ah, yes. The fabled “concentration camp experts.” We can only assume the “experts” she consulted don’t work at the Auschwitz Museum or United States Holocaust Museum or the Wiesenthal Center or, you know, any places that employ actual concentration camp experts who are sick and tired of AOC’s Holocaust comparisons.

AOC needs to re-examine a lot of things.

What is her point, exactly? That Republicans were right to be concerned about caravans of migrants crossing over the borders because Border Patrol and detention facilities simply aren’t equipped to handle that many people?

She’s right to think that. Because none of her followers are calling her out as the dishonest hypocrite she is. The border crisis is a crisis because of policies that she and many of her fellow Democrats support — and continue to support.

AOC has spent weeks pretending to rend her garments and weep publicly over the plight of detained migrants, all the while not only doing nothing to help them, but actively trying to undermine efforts to help them.

AOC is everything she claims Republicans are: dishonest, hypocritical, and heartless.