Since all the journalists rushing to defend Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for trivializing the Holocaust are apparently too lazy to do any research before they spout off, perhaps the Auschwitz Memorial can at least point them in the right direction:


But it’s not just journalists who are suffering from acute historical illiteracy and dishonesty; it’s historians, too. Historians like NYU professor Jacob Remes:

And historians like Kevin Kruse, who’s actually not so much a historian as he is a progressive hack posing as a historian:

And AOC admires FDR for all of his fine work in advancing human rights. So maybe have a word with her before you try this argument.

Moreover, AOC specifically invoked “Never Again,” which is inextricably linked to the Holocaust. She knew what she was doing. And so does Kevin.

Yes, here we are: A place where historians will practice historical revisionism to protect a chronically dishonest and anti-Semitic congresswoman. The Auschwitz Museum evidently isn’t terribly impressed with the breadth of Kruse’s historical literacy:

A simple request … but one Kruse won’t grant to them. He won’t be honest about history if it means having to be honest about AOC’s disgusting remarks.

We wish the Auschwitz Museum didn’t have to weigh in like this, but here we are.