Good news, everyone. You can rest easy now, because that thing you’ve been waiting for has finally happened.

Alleged journalists have been falling all over themselves to defend Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez after those God-awful “concentration camp” comments minimizing the Holocaust. It’s only natural that the Washington Post would get in on the action — in their trademark style, of course:

Nevertheless, AOC persisted. “Amid Republican outcry.”

To be fair, WaPo’s not going for useful insight; they’re going for the hit job.

Of course it’s bait. That doesn’t make it any less ridiculous and obnoxious. AOC’s comments were shameful and disgusting, and instead of copping to how shameful and disgusting they were, AOC doubled down and tried to gaslight everyone by pretending that, despite invoking “Never Again,” she wasn’t going for the Nazi comparison:


How pathetic is it that WaPo’s so desperate for clicks that they’ll resort to predictable slams on “shrieking Republicans” instead of doing their damn job and holding AOC accountable for her garbage?



Turns out there was a bit of seizing after all:

Phew! We were starting to get worried.