So first Democrats refuse to pass funding to assist with the crisis at the border, and now Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is joining in solidarity with the Wayfair workers who are ‘walking out’ to stop the company from sending beds to the border.


Maybe this editor needs a fourth (fifth?) cup of coffee but this seems sort of like the opposite thing someone would do who wants to help kids at the border.

It all started with an account claiming they represent the Wayfair walkout …

No more beds for you kids! Take that Trump!


And then it got even dumber:

A reminder that every day people have the power to make kids at the border sleep on the floor.

OMG, this woman.

Join the club, sweets.

And then they’ll blame the Trump administration because there are LITERALLY NO BEDS FOR THE KIDS TO SLEEP ON.

At least they stopped hiding it.

Why do Democrats hate illegal immigrants so much? Especially the kids?

Nailed it. ^


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