Per Wikipedia, the Third Way is an organization that tries to work with both right-wing and left-wing politics by advocating a varying synthesis of some center-right and centrist economic and some center-left social policies.

In other words, they try really hard to find ways to make both sides of the aisle happy, which is no easy task in this political climate. Today, Third Way came out strongly against free college, going so far as to call it regressive:


In a world of scarce resources, prioritization of funds is critical. Yet the hefty sticker prices of free college proposals on the table today, which range from $47 billion to $97 billion per year, would do little to nothing to help the students who need it most. Instead, policymakers should consider policies that prioritize spending and actually make college more affordable for low-income students.

Making higher education more affordable and accessible is a necessity, but should taxpayer dollars subsidize tuition for the child of law partner or should it target the child of a teacher or the single mom trying to earn a better life for her family? When it comes to the popular bumper sticker of free college, buyer beware. Most free college programs are regressive, forcing working- and middle-class taxpayers to subsidize college costs for wealthier students.  Instead of jumping on the free college bandwagon, policymakers should look at ideas that would serve the students who need help the most—because that is the only way to spark real progress.

They also wrote a detailed thread about this topic:

In other words, there is a whole lot more to this so-called ‘free stuff’ than Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders have thought about or ignored. No wonder AOC got so snippy with them … facts often make socialists cranky.

Interesting how AOC can’t be bothered to actually debate their points and instead just goes after them with a personal attack.

So typical.

Which is why she’s so mad.

AOC isn’t worried about being factually right as long as she’s morally right.

Or something.


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