Nancy Pelosi doesn’t think people who have ‘violated their status’ should be deported.

Wow, Democrats can spin like nobody’s business when they want to … unless the Botox is finally going to their brain. This is truly painful to watch and before anyone starts complaining, no it has not been doctored.

This is Nancy in her true form. Heh.


She is going to take flight if she doesn’t stop flopping that left arm around so much.


And gosh, we hate to break it to Nancy but if someone is here illegally that is all the reason the government needs to deport them. It’s ILLEGAL, which means against the law.

This ain’t rocket science.

Democrats have spent so much time pushing a hoax to hurt Trump that they instead hurt their own party by getting NOTHING done.

Go team go!

Nancy and other open borders advocates aren’t doing illegal immigrants any favors with this sort of rhetoric.

But laws are so boring, racist, and mean and stuff, man.



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