Writer for Samantha Bee, Mike Drucker, thinks people who already paid off their student loan debt should ‘grow TF up’ for not wanting to pay off the debt of other people through a tax hike. We get it, the guy writes for Samantha Bee, but really?

People who were responsible enough to pay off their own loans already grew up, chief.

Feel good about your taxes being raised to pay for a bunch of debt young people who are not your kids took on! YAY!

Not just no but HELL NO.

And please, comparing a 3k dollar computer to a 250k dollar college bill.

This. ^

Wait, be responsible?!


And while they’re at it they should cancel mortgage debt, car debt, credit card debt, back taxes debt … CANCEL ALL THE DEBT.

Gosh, this is fun.

Until we get stuck with the damn bill on April 15 and then it won’t be fun, like at all.

Maybe these people need to grow TF up.


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