This is a joke, right?

Teen Vogue didn’t really publish a piece on Karl Marx being relevant to the current political climate, did they? Ok, so we know they did because we covered it, but you have to admit this is just ridiculous for a magazine written specifically for teenagers.

Whoohoo, let’s indoctrinate them early, right?!

From Teen Vogue:

So how can teens learn the legacy of Marx’s ideas and how they’re relevant to the current political climate? Teen Voguechatted with two educators about how they apply these concepts to current events in the classroom.

Public high school teacher Mark Brunt teaches excerpts from The Communist Manifesto alongside curriculum about the industrial revolution in his English class. He uses The Jungle by Upton Sinclair — a text published in 1906 that revealved the exploitative workplace conditions of the meat industry in Chicago and other industrialized cities many immigrants were subject to in the late 19th century — to understand what it was like to work in a factory a little more than a hundred years ago.

Brunt talks about how these factory workers did all of the leg work — including slaughtering animals and packaging meat on top of working long days with little, if any, time off — to keep the factories intact, yet had very little control over their work, including their working conditions, compared to the profiteering factory owners.

How can teens learn the legacy of Marx? UMMM HOW ABOUT THEY DON’T LEARN ABOUT IT AT ALL?

Dana Loesch tried speaking their language in her response:



Fetch is so fetch.

It’s not happening!


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