Failing presidential candidate Cory Booker is out with a new immigration plan that would “virtually eliminate” immigration detention:

But, of course, we can’t call a plan that has no additional barriers, decriminalizes illegal crossings and virtually eliminates detention open borders or anything like that, right?

Apparently, governing through executive orders will be acceptable again once Donald Trump is out of office:

And this is probably where Dems are going anyway, so they might as well get it out of the way now:

Details here:

Not surprisingly, it’s a word salad of BS. WTF does “adopting evidence-based non-profit alternatives to detention” even mean?

Virtually eliminate our nation’s reliance on immigration incarceration, including ending the use of for-profit detention facilities. Most people in immigration detention are held in non-federal facilities and approximately 65% are held in detention centers run by for-profit prison corporations. Cory would direct the DHS to phase out its contracting with private prison facilities and county or local prisons over a three year period. Against the advice of the UN High Commissioner on Refugees, the United States has come to rely on incarceration as our primary method of migration management. Under the Trump Administration, detention has increased by more than 40% and 50,000 immigrants sit in jail every day, often in substandard, plainly unacceptable conditions. Today, this system is perpetuated in part by the profit motives of private contractors and local governments. By adopting evidence-based non-profit alternatives to detention and ensuring that detention is used as a last resort, Cory’s goal would be to virtually eliminate immigration detention, with limited exceptions if there is a risk to public safety or flight risk.