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We DIDN'T Have Brian Stelter Pushing Back Against Lefties Censoring HIM on Our Bingo Card BUT Here We Are


We've been covering John Fetterman in a not so negative light in recent months as he's actually NOT been a raving lunatic of a progressive. Especially his stance on Israel and his absolute defiance of his own party by standing with them.


That has been pretty bada*s.

He's also had a brief nuggets of clarity on taxing and men in women's sports ... we'll try and avoid making a joke about his stroke making him smarter. Oops, we just made the joke, our bad.

Welp, we're starting to have these same sort of moments with Brian Stelter as well. SERIOUSLY. Maybe he's finally figured out we're not all insane, white-supremacist neo-Nazis and the alarms we've been sounding on Biden for years were actually legit.

Otherwise, why would this Leftist harpy want him silenced?

This is nuts:

So basically, anyone NOT carrying water for Biden. Huh. 

Guys, this is fascinating. This editor has never seen anything like what we're watching unfurl right in front of our eyes at this moment. Sure, Stelter and others in the media are likely just playing CYA since they helped create this Biden problem in the first place, BUT to see them pushing back at all, especially Stelter is just ... different.

It's like we're taking crazy pills. 

And not the fun ones.



Is Stelter finally getting a little red-pilled? Figuring out that censorship is wrong?

Being on the other side of someone calling for him to be censored ... maybe that will wake him up.

If he is indeed trying to turn things around clearly he has a long way to go.

We shall see.



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