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RIGHT in Our Veins! Obama Bro Jon Favreau BEGGING Dems to Replace Biden Most DELISH Schadenfreude EVER

Sarah D.

Sounds like Obama Bro Jon Favreau really really really wants Joe Biden replaced. He even went so far as to claim Biden is too old to be an effective president.



That'll hurt.

His desperate post continues:

This is from the NYT PRE-debate poll, Trump 48-Biden 42, which was taken:

- After weeks of wall-to-wall coverage of Trump's criminal conviction

- Months after Biden campaigned intensely and spend tens of millions on swing state ads

- At a time when 80% of voters said they were paying attention to the race

Almost every other pre-debate poll found similar results. This is not an elite thing. This is not a media thing. This is not a one-bad-debate-freakout thing. The voters have been voicing these concerns for months now. Denying them or dismissing them is not the way to overcome them.

Someone sounds nervous.

He should be.

We love to see it, in fact.

Yup. Them's the rules. And c'mon, we all knew long before the debate Biden's elevator wasn't going all the way to the top. Stop acting like this is a new development.


That's totally it.

Polls? POLLS?! They don't need no stinkin' polls.

Now now, Rich, let the Democrats choose your candidate for you. They know best.


Joe should stay in.

Nope, not even a little bit.


Authoritarians never met a true democracy they didn't love because nothing is more fun than two wolves and a sheep voting on what's for dinner.



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