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You Smoking Somethin'? Cherie Currie Goes Straight-Up PUNK ROCK Dropping Rob Reiner and SLAAAY QUEEN


Rob Reiner was having a normal on yesterday because who doesn't sit around on a Sunday screeching about a democracy we don't have and swearing like a crazy person at millions of people on Twitter/X? 


His elevator no longer goes all the way to the top.

His cheese slid off his cracker.

Etcetera etcetera.

Look at this:

It's hilarious how he capitalized convicted felon, like it's a title. 

Poor Rob, he really is just a broken, sad old man.

Cherie Currie had enough and dropped Meathead with the ONE-TWO!

Her post continues:

Unprecedented Illegal immigration leading to human and child trafficking with over 100,000 missing minors.  Fentanyl killing more Americans than ever in history. Record homelessness. Record crime. Poverty heading to a Great Depression. There hasn’t been decency in 3 1/2 years.  I’m no prude but I’m appalled. I wouldn’t vote for Biden with a gun to my head.  Open your f-ing eyes. WE ALL SEE IT!  Why don’t you?


If only Rob WAS smoking something ... otherwise he's just another basket-case of a Hollywood weirdo Trump has broken. 

There were a few Rob/Biden apologists on her post trying to put her in her place:

Because sure, the media is super pro-Trump these days.

Her post continues:

We are SCREWED DUDE! If your eyes don’t work get some f-ing glasses. Never in my 65 years have I seen such suffering. Keep lying to yourself.

She's right, we are SCREWED dude.




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