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Make No Mistake, This Is a RECKONING: Trump's Alleged AG List Should Scare the Crap Out of 2020 'Players'

AP Photo/Carlos Osorio

There have been times in my career where I have been accused of treating politics like a contact sport. Fine. I like a good 'fight,' I do. Especially when one team has likely cheated to win and the other team has done a good bit of work in the 'off season' to come back and beat the cheaters legitimately and mercilessly. Yeah yeah yeah, I know, we're not supposed to get down in the mud with the Democrats but you guys, I'm ready for a knock-down, dirty fight after what they pulled in 2020. What did they call it when they bragged about what they did after the fact? Fortifying the election?

Yeah, that's it.

Welp, it looks to me like Trump may have learned a thing or two from what happened in 2020: 

1. Don't interrupt your opponent when they're taking themselves out of the game and;

2. A strong defense is a stronger offense.

Case in point:


Which is probably why so many people on the Left and in the DNC are losing their minds over the very likely possibility of Biden losing in a YUGE way. All Trump would have to do is show Americans what really happened ... 

Oh, and having someone like John Ratcliffe in line to prosecute bad players in the CIA isn't a bad idea either.

THIS is gonna be fun.

Or, and hear me out, we beat them at their own game and stuff those ballot boxes ourselves so THEY want them to go away. That's they only way these Democrat yahoos ever learn.

Of course, he's right but I'm ready.

Let's DO this.

Why not both?

Granted, at this point what Sperry is reporting is 'alleged,' but even just thinking about who Trump might bring in to right the wrongs puts a smile on my face.

And hopefully instills FEAR in his opponents - not even sorry for saying that.



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