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This Is a JOKE! Grocery Store Owner/Operator Takes Biden's Claims About Grocery Store Price Gouging APART

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Throughout Biden's presidency, he has spent a good bit of time blaming his problems and failures on Trump and on corporate greed. The most pathetic of his blaming though has been aimed at grocery stores, who he claims are price gouging struggling Americans.


We all know why the price of groceries has gone up and it's not because of those greedy WEALTHY grocery store owners and operators ... 

Like Rob LaBonne who was good enough to not only take Biden's lie apart, but explain to the old timer how private business works since, you know, all Joe has ever known is government. Which is why he's so wealthy.


His post continues:

Once cost of goods is paid we still have to pay staff, utilities, insurance, etc which are all up thanks to Biden’s policies.

Thanks to Biden's policies. No wonder Sleepy Joe keeps trying to blame the stores themselves.

First Medicare, now the grocery stores!


A whole 2%. Those MONSTERS.


But they're getting rich rich rich! SO RICH.

Let's not give them any ideas ... please.

Which is why government sucks so bad at so many things.

True story.



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