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Sane people do not act this way.

Not even a little bit.

Hey, we get it, Biden completely collapsing and Trump surprisingly keeping quiet while it happens (which only amplifies how bad it really is for Biden) has made many a lawn flamingo on the Left lose it, but this is ... this is something else. Remember when Britney Spears shaved her head and lost it?


Well, Joy Reid did shave her head and well, she has lost it.

Watch THIS:

Granted, Jennifer Rubin said some similarly crazy stuff (pretty sure the zombie/Hitler talking point went out), but the fact Joy not only said this stuff but recorded herself saying this stuff is just creepy and a little sad. Their whole worlds are built on hating one politician.

That can't be a healthy way to go through life.

*cough cough*

They project their own scary, violent, insane ideas on people they hate ... we've seen it over and over again, especially this past week. So many threats, so many people calling on Biden to 'take Trump out,' another person insisting people would have to kill their Trump-supporting family members.


Lefties/progressives are truly showing us who they really are, and we believe them.

That she is.



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