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DBag Lefty Who Told People They'd Have to Kill Trump-Supporting Family Members Backpedals, Plays Victim


In case you missed it, people on the Left are losing their ever-loving minds even more after the presidential debate last week when Biden all but nuked not only his campaign but honestly his current term as well. Don't get us wrong, we hardly expected our Lefty pals to keep it together when it became clear Biden was done BUT wow, we did not expect the outright calls for violence and murder from these people.


Add in the multiple SCOTUS rulings that went the country's way (which means those rulings did not go the Left's way) and it's been a complete and utter insane asylum on social media.

From the 'Orange is the New Black' lunatic calling on Biden to 'take Trump out' to this nobody-dbag Matt Croyle telling people they'd have to kill their Trump-supporting family members, it's been eye-opening and scary all in one.

You'd have to be either insane or evil to post something like this so openly ... 

Welp, Croyle soon figured out this was not ok as he protected his account, then claimed he was gone for 12 hours for violating X Terms of Service (who'da thunk calling for the mass-murder of millions would be a big no-no?), and is now mass-blocking anyone who has called him out.

Bullies are typically cowards.

Oh, and speaking of cowards, the Oil Valley Film Festival he's connected to released this statement on Twitter/X and of course, turned off replies:

Nobody doxxed Croyle, everything was in his bio.


Legal action for what? People defending themselves from a seemingly crazy person who told people to murder their family members?

Alrighty then.

We were also sent this statement that is allegedly from Croyle, but since he's locked down and blocked most of X, we cannot verify BUT we're including it because why not?

OOPS, his bad.

He didn't mean it.

He's the real victim here.

Blah blah blah.

We've seen this so many times, someone horrible says something horrible and then pretends it's not their fault for saying something horrible because Trump bad.



When someone shows you who they really are, believe them.



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