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Lefties Go Straight-Up Blue Anon Making CUH-RAZY Claims About CNN Sabotaging Biden During the Debate


We get it, the Left is in a total and complete free-fall of hot dumpster fire train wrecks after the presidential debate a week ago but c'mon, pretending CNN somehow went out of its way to sabotage Biden and make him look bad.



They do know this is CNN they're whining about, yes? The same CNN that spent four years tormenting Trump? The same CNN that gave Hillary Clinton the debate questions? There is desperate and then there's insane and THIS is insane.

And it's not just one person pushing this insanity, it's actually even a theory now.

Can't make this up:

The guy talking about how he's been producing TV for 30 years and there's no way Biden's voice is right ... that may be our favorite. Although the people insisting they lit Biden differently and shot him from the side (while we know Biden got to choose his own position on the stage) are pretty damn funny as well.

Yes, anyone who disagrees with them is far-right ... fascists even.

Keep in mind, these are the same people who believe Q-Anon is real.


Not even a little bit.



Not enough popcorn in this world.



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