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Cheese Slides Even FARTHER Off Jen Rubin's Cracker in Manic, Frantic, Bizarre Post About 'Comatose Biden'


We all know Jen Rubin's cheese has slipped off her cracker but this was SO insane that we weren't sure if it was actually from her at first and checked several times to make sure it's not a parody. 


But ... it's legit.

And not only has the cheese slipped off her cracker but it fell on the floor and rolled out of the door.

Look at this:

From the rest of her post:

3. If Biden cannot muster the wherewithal to turn the election in that direction it will be disastrous. 

4. His failure to get out there to do multiple interviews, town halls suggests he CANNOT do it or his family is so afraid he cannot that they are insulating him. 

5. This is NOT a staff problem. These are not dumb people. They know exactly what needs to be done. '

6. The good news is that support for @VP if Biden steps away is solidifying 

7. It's now or never for Biden to show he can do it. One Friday of events is not enough. 

8. The press feeding frenzy made it MUCH harder for Biden to step away. Telling Biden what to do in the most insulting terms possible - even before polling and before allowing him the chance to prove his ability might have made it impossible for him to bow out. 

9. Unsourced frantic "reporting" with no equivalent inquiry of Trump was a shocking dereliction of duty. The "helpful" pundits feeding their own anxiety and arrogantly telling the party to override voters were disastrous

Note, we formatted her post a bit for her, otherwise it's just some strange ranting paragraph of nuttery. As it is, even with the breaks, it's still not at all rational or sane.

Seriously. Remember when she took a picture of her fridge with the bottle of champagne that was half gone? Thinking she might want to drink the other half ...


More like SEVERAL personal health days.



It's a fair question, so we don't expect Jen will answer it any time soon.



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