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Black Podcasters DROP Mark Hamill on His Empty Head for Smugly Asking for Someone to Explain 'Black Jobs'

Brian Lawless/PA via AP

Ugh, is there any account thirstier for attention on Twitter/X than Mark Hamill's? This guy is such a joke, such an absolute disappointment, which is super depressing for so many people especially in GenX who grew up loving Star Wars. 


What's that old saying? Never meet your heroes? Yeah ... that's it.

Hamill is definitely not a hero.

For example, he's really reaching here trying to dunk on Trump for the 'black jobs' comment EVEN THOUGH it was CNN who brought up the topic in the first place.

Not entirely sure what he thought he'd get here but we're PRETTY SURE it didn't include getting dropped on his big dumb head by Verbal Riot:

Yup, that helps.

Well, it doesn't help Hamill, it makes him look even dopier than usual BUT it helps everyone else.

Because he's an opportunistic, biased, ignorant, uninformed, desperate-for-attention bung-hole? Just spitballin'.

Look at all these givers and helpers answering Hamill's dumb question.



Who knew?

Ask stupid questions, win stupid prizes.



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