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Harmeet Dhillon Reminds Twitter/X of All the HOAXES and BS People Who Claimed Biden Was Ok Pushed and WOW


We have been lied to by the same people SO MUCH ... and so often. Deep down that's where a lot of the anger comes from, the fact that we know they know we know they're lying to us and they just don't care. And instead of acknowledging the lies they insist we're dangerous, or extremists, or call us white-supremacists so they can write us off and pretend they're the good guys for doing so.


Until now.

Now they have to admit they lied their as*es off to protect Biden and whoever is running our government right now. They can no longer pretend not to notice the old man is not all there. He's just not. Now they're trying to pretend they only started noticing his issues earlier this year and gosh golly gee, it was a conspiracy on the White House's part to keep people from seeing how bad Biden really was.

The media trying to pretend they didn't take part in the conspiracy is incredibly insulting and why none of us cry when they lose jobs.

Harmeet K. Dhillon was good enough to put a list together of all the other hoaxes these a-holes have pushed over the years:

Lying liars lie.

But this is gross.

*cough cough*

Awww yes, inflation was transitory. 

Good times.


They fortified it even.

Putin price hike. 

Yeah, that was obnoxious.

Do these jagoffs ever tell the truth? Don't answer that, we already know the answer.



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