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'Looks Really ... WHITE': Biden Rally in SUPER BLUE, Dem-Heavy Madison, WI NOT a Great Look, Like At All

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Biden only barely won Wisconsin in 2020, and that was largely in part to cities like Milwaukee and Madison. Like other states, Wisconsin would be solidly red if not for these large cities sucking the states dry and destroying them with progressive BS policies.


Or something like that.

Welp, looks like Team Biden is in Madison, WI today and ... it's not great.




All of the above.

HA! And thank goodness, there might not be anyone else there if not.

That too.

If that many.

Biden supporters, still masking in 2024.

Just at night. OH, and on the weekends and most holidays.

Ain't it though?

Dozens! Tens!

Not good.


Wonder how many of them are homeless people they paid to come in and pretend they support Biden.

Was that mean? Our bad, we'll apologize later.



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