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THIS! --> Rob Schneider Posts Thoughtful, Super-Helpful Meme That Just So Happens to VAPORIZE Team Biden


You love to see a comedian like Rob Schneider getting out there and saying the things far too many people in the entertainment industry refuse to say because they're scared of the Hollywood machine shutting them down. Luckily, many comedians have started figuring out that bending the knee to the woke/sjw machine is killing not only their jobs, but the comedy industry in general.


Not to mention, Schneider was able to nuke Biden while sharing a fairly helpful reminder as well.

Take a gander:

Eat your vegetables.


Don't elect them.

Even better.


Ok, THAT'S not funny.

Are you all sensing a theme here? Because we are.

Doooood, you've gotta eat your veggies. 


Even the doctor says it's a good reminder to eat your fruits and veggies ... and if Rob can dunk on the vegetable in the Oval Office while doing something nice for everyone else, that's a win.



We see what he did there.

And fin.



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