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REEE *Breathe* EEE! Our CNN Pals Are Having a Totally NORMAL One After Immunity Ruling ... Or NOT (Watch)


It's good to see so many people reacting so professionally and sanely to the SCOTUS immunity ruling earlier today. So many adults coming together showing their gratitude for the court once again adhering to the Constitution as is their charge.


Makes you proud to be an American.


HOO BOY are we full of it, but if you've been paying attention at all today you already know that. The Left has lost it's ever-loving MIND over the ruling, some going so far as to call on Biden to have Trump assassinated. We're not even kidding.

CNN is having an especially hard time with all of this ...


Ummm ... is he new here?

Keep going.

Oh no! They can't use lawfare to keep Trump out of the White House.

Whatever will they DO?!

We are seeing a LOT of this, mouth-breathers openly talking about assassinating presidential rivals.


Love it when they give away the plot, don't you? How can they use this against Trump in the election? He literally says it.


Awww, that's where the violent rhetoric came from - Sotomayor. Shame on her.

Let's not pretend Katie is the brightest crayon in the box. 


What they don't like is the court adheres to the Constitution. Remember, Obama once said the Constitution was a barrier to all the things he wanted to get done ... they all feel that way which is why they resent SCOTUS when it does its job.

And once again, they've done their job so CNN will just have to deal.



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